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I started training with Jim over three years ago. I was overweight, out of shape but more important, I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and had been getting injections in my knees – and was told I would have to have them replaced within a few years. From the day I started working with Jim, he was focused on getting me healthy and making me stronger.

He honestly gave me my life back. If you would have asked me three years ago if I would be playing volleyball, jogging, paddling on a Dragon boat team, playing dodge ball, and just about anything I want to do physically, I would have told you that you were crazy. I now have no problems with my neck and shoulders. I now do not require any injections in my knees to walk or any physical therapy or medication. I also see that Jim is an amazing trainer and goes above and beyond for the people he coaches. Jim makes you feel like part of his family and he honestly cares about how you are doing. He has given me the invaluable gift of a healthy body and way of life.

- Kelley Brommer

“Kilimanjaro or bust?  Well, if you’re going half way around the world it’s certainly not “bust” so as I made what some would consider the somewhat dubious decision to attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, I thought to myself, you REALLY need a trainer.  Research and the advice of friends led me to Jim Kennedy at the oh so cleverly named Gym Kennedy!  Though it took a while to get on his schedule, it was worth the wait as training for Kili is going well.  From the beginning, Jim had his work cut out for him as I’ve never hiked a mountain and really was just a “somewhat physically fit” 55 year old female more focused on work and family than on climbing a mountain.  Jim’s individualized approach has led to months of goal focused sessions which have prepared me both mentally and physically for what will be a very tough challenge.  With less than a month to go, I find myself more confident of my ability to make this climb thanks to Jim.  For anyone who has a specific goal they are trying to reach or who just want to become more physically active, I highly encourage you to check out Gym Kennedy and it’s amazingly talented owner, Jim Kennedy! 

- Lynn Horton

I have been working out with Jim for more than 5 years.  One of the greatest fears in my life is that he will no longer be able to work out with me at some point!  Jim is really good at ascertaining varied levels of skill and capability and instantly, on the spot, customizing the workout.  I've worked out with Jim together with solid athletes and people who have never stepped foot in a gym.  It makes no difference to him. Everyone leaves a training session feeling energized and with that sense of accomplishment you get after a good workout.  Jim is a positive spirit and well versed in cardio, strength training and every derivation thereof such that I have never had a boring workout.  He mixes it up and keeps it active and interesting.  I would recommend Jim unequivocally!

- Amy Guzzy

Don't change a thing Jim, I really enjoy our workouts. Our sessions are extremely challenging, but very enjoyable. I'm sure I could never push myself without a trainer - I know I am getting stronger. 

Jim always works hard, shows a lot of interest in me and has been extremely accommodating to me personally. Also, I like him very much personally. I'm very grateful for the ways things are going - for having Jim in my life.

- John Curless, age 78

I am 60+ years old and have been training with Jim Kennedy for years now. I have had 4 trainers over the last 10 years and all of them were excellent in their own way. The results I have had with Jim are, to me, simply amazing. I have lost 39 pounds and gone from 38 inch pants that were too tight to 34 inch pants that are now too loose. I feel better than I have in a long time. Jim’s approach to fitness is, in my opinion, outstanding. The workouts are customized to your individual needs and goals, taking into consideration your physical limitations (I have had 3 back surgeries). The workouts are hard, often very hard, but Jim offers encouragement throughout. I have never left the gym without feeling exhausted. If you are not interested in doing the work necessary, perhaps this is not for you. If you are interested in results, both physically and mentally, and are willing to work hard I guarantee you will be satisfied. It’s a total package including aerobic workouts on your own and appropriate eating habits and it works. Jim also constantly checks on you via texts to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to regarding exercise and diet and that provides additional motivation in moments of weakness. I can highly recommend Jim Kennedy as a personal trainer if you want results and are not afraid of hard work.


- Barry Rockler, MD

My experience with Jim has been delightful - very intense workouts, never a relaxing moment, but good for me. I feel like I am gaining something I have not had in previous training. Jim is an asset to his generation.

- Ed Mitchell, age 70

Jim gives me instruction on each exercise, he expects me to do it until I can't do anymore (rather than setting a limit). I like his style of pushing me each week, moving quickly between exercises. He has a wonderful personality.

- Bob Williamson, age 86

I had struggled with my weight all of my life and was always trying to do the right workouts and eat the right food, but I could never get to my ideal weight no matter how many hours I spent at the gym.  At one point in my life I had weighed almost 200 pounds.  No matter how much I exercised I felt like I couldn't get to the shape I wanted to be. 

Nonetheless; after working out on my own for so many years and hiring several fitness trainers, I still struggled to loose those last gluey pounds. Finally; to my benefit, my trainer from work could see that I needed that extra push so he advised that I call Jim Kennedy for help. 

Through his consistent training for several months, Jim got me the results I wanted.  Jim's training techniques helped tone, strengthen, and reshape my body.  He is always challenging me to rise higher in my workouts.  I have trained with Jim for many years and now feel super strong and full of energy. 


- Mary Singh

I have struggled for years with my weight, last November I fell down a hill and stretched a nerve in my left leg, I gained ten pounds of the 45 I had lost, I texted my friend who works out and she gave me Jim's information, I made the call, Jim evaluated my leg concern, and my back since I had fallen from my horse three weeks before when it spooked at a dog.

It is now July, my leg issue is almost gone, I ride the same horse with balance and pride, I trail ride all over Oklahoma, I have lost the ten pounds I gained and inches, I now have core strength and can jump rope, at 54.  Working out with Jim's super vision has changed my life, spiritually, physically and mentally, as I had suffered with depression for years. God has given Jim a gift to help people.

- Susan Tiffin

As a Navy veteran, I have been exposed to many different training styles and regimens. I've always thought I was in good shape until I met Jim. Thanks to his training I've become faster and stronger then I have ever been! Every single training session is fresh, diverse, and exciting! It has truly changed me completely from the inside out! Not only is the training great, but the learning experience is just as wonderful. Jim has taught me that looking healthy isn't enough. It has to be a complete transformation. The man has shown me how to truly live a healthy lifestyle. It's not just about the workout, but what you fuel your body, spirit and mind with.

Since I started training with Jim, my overall quality of life has skyrocketed! He is truly an ocean of knowledge and life experience that I have not found in other trainers. But the best part about Jim Kennedy isn't just his dedication to your training, the man's overall character. You see, I've trained with many different trainers and all they seemed to care about was the money. They didn't care if you showed up or how you felt. You were just a means to an end. Jim is nothing like that at all. He genuinely cares about your wellbeing and overall life! It can be something simple whether its asking about how you feel after an intense training day, or how your algebra test went. All you really need to know is that Jim will always give you his best, and the only thing he asks in return is your full heart and dedication. I am truly a better person for simply knowing Jim Kennedy.

- Tanner Grammer

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