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Jim Kennedy

Yes, my name is Jim Kennedy and if you have ever called my phone and listened to my voicemail you'll pretty much know everything about me; I am a patriot, an entrepreneur, an outdoorsman and I do not know if it says it or not, but I am a fitness enthusiast. Who so happens to be married to a beautiful fitness junky! We love to run, bike, hike, climb, jump and worship our incredible God for all of the physical blessings he has given us.

I have been a personal trainer for more than 15 years now, and have been fortunate enough over those years to work in a wide variety of facilities with a very wide variety of clientele. A good personal trainer can, and should change lives. I have helped stroke patients go from a wheel chair to a cane, from being unable to lift an arm to signing their name with a pen. I have helped college athletes go from extreme debilitating back pain to a starting position on the team. I've helped prepare people for surgery and watch their recovery time be cut in half. Now, what can we do to change you mind and habits in regards to living differently than the rest of our country? To understanding the value of a physically strong person, inside and out. How do we turn you into the WEIRD one who brings their own lunch when everyone else eats out, or the one who looks forward to their workout when everyone else doesn't go or dreads it and just pays a gym membership every month?!? 

We, as physical beings, need to be challenged. We need variety in our workouts and we need to understand how to handle ourselves the other 165 hours out of the week that we're out of the gym and out of our trainer's sight. We need to put a stop to the obesity in this country and change the lives of the next generation. Know this, nothing that is good for you will come easy.

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