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I am Matt Bailey and I have been personal training for more than three years. There are several reasons I chose to become a trainer. I have been an athlete all my life. Being physically active never seemed like a choice to me, it is how I am made. My parents were always in the front yard playing games with my brother and I. I played three different sports growing up, so there was always a practice, a game, or a tournament to be at. Playing years of sports never comes without injury. My shoulders had taken a good beating from high school football, and as a result I was forced to have surgery on both shoulders. Being physically active prior to surgery cut my recovery time down by 1-2 months on both shoulders. The thought that I could help others strengthen their bodies to mitigate the risk of injury, or come back from an injury was a huge interest of mine. This is what initially led me to pursue being a personal trainer. I know what you are thinking, why not be a physical therapist or an athletic trainer? Those are extremely admiral professions and they are very much needed at times. I can attest to this. But for me personally, there is not enough action in those areas for me. I always loved the gym. There’s not a whole lot better feeling then reaching a physical goal you set for yourself, and I want help people reach whatever goal they have set in their mind to achieve.

I want variety in exercise, and in people. Everyone was made perfect in God's eyes - let's be healthy, let's be active.

What's performance? Where do you perform? In the gym or on the mountain? In the pool? In the woods? In the garden? I want to help you excel wherever you put your time and your energy.


Matt Bailey, B.S., ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, NASM CPT, USAW L1 Sports Performance

Phone: (405) 323-0507


I have worked with Matt for almost three years now.  I began using a personal trainer to hold myself accountable and vary my workout regiment.  With the first several months, I was meeting Matt twice a week, and I had incredible results.  I could run farther and faster, I could lift more than I ever thought possible, I felt comfortable in the weight room, and I was inspired to do better.  When I became pregnant, Matt didn't blink an eye.  He was patient with me when I needed to take a break, he adjusted my workouts based on my trimester and current symptoms, and he continued to encourage me.  Although I put on 55 pounds during my pregnancy, I knew I was fit -- I was swimming a mile in one hour up to five days before I delivered.  Post-partum, Matt continued to encourage me even though I wasn't meeting with him.  When I was cleared for working out, he met me where I was and provided critical encouragement as I struggled with the new condition of my body.  My time with Matt each week is some of my most precious time:  he encourages me, he helps me improve, he tells me how to improve, and he is just a generally nice guy.  Anyone choosing to work with him will be very impressed with his skills and his commitment.

- Christina Bennett

I worked with Matt Bailey for about a year and a half.  When I started working with him I was out of shape and looking to change my lifestyle.  Matt helped me to accomplish this.  In about 6 months I had lost 30 pounds and became a more fit and active person.  Matt was great at listening to me and presenting me with workouts tailored to meet my personal fitness goals.  For example, I love to play volleyball and told Matt that I would really like to increase my vertical leap so as to be more effective on the net.  When I started with him I could barely jump on the 12” box for a set of 5.  Matt was able to get me jumping on the 36” box for sets of 3.

I also very much appreciated Matt’s emphasis on safety and form.  His experience both in his personal fitness background and his education gave me the confidence that he would not let me do anything to injure myself as long I was honest with him about how the weight felt.  He always pushed me to do as much as I could while maintaining proper form and preventing injury.  Whenever introducing a new exercise he would make me lift with very low weights so I could be sure my form was perfect before increasing the risk with heavier weights.  I now live out of state and started at a new gym where several of the trainers/coaches have complimented me on my squatting form, all thanks to Matt.

Matt was an excellent trainer and always made sure to mix up the workouts so I would not get bored doing the same exercises over and over.  If it were not for moving I would still be training with him.  If you are looking for a trainer who will get you in shape, personalize your workouts to meet your goals, and keep it fun, Matt is the man for you!

- Michael Lewis

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